Since the little Godzilla is asleep, it gave me an opportunity to blog about what had transpired during the past weeks. I have been staring at this blank page for quite some time now, it seems that I have a lot in mind but doesn’t really know where to start… plus the fact that I am being emotional once again… Well who wouldn’t if you are recollecting your memories with your child. From the day that you knew that you will be a mother until today…

I just can’t believe that it has been a year already, oh boy it’s cliché as it may sound but time really flies fast. But I am here not to be a crying out loud mom because her kid turned one but I am here to share the wonderful event that has happened last January 16, 2016.

First, we thought of celebrating it separately, Frankie’s birthday party and her baptism. But then we came up to this wise idea:  why not celebrate it in one event, besides you are to invite the same sets of people (family and friends). And at the back of my mind goes “poor little hubby will spend a lot if we did it separately”. So being the practical person that I am, we push the boat out it in one event.


We decided to have a private baptismal ceremony since we wanted that solemn close-knit family event type. Since Mt. Carmel Shrine is just a few blocks away from our home, then it became a perfect choice.

Mt. Carmel Shrine- credits to the photo owner 🙂

Their private baptism ceremonies are held every Saturdays and Sundays. You may visit their website at: http://www.mtcarmelshrine.com/baptisms.html to know more about the details.

Enter a caption

ptismal dress of hers 6 months from her christening day at H&M, got it on a sale price. Paired it with white stockings so the dress will eventually look longer! Haha 🙂

With the help of my sister and mom, we did these DIY candles for her baptismal day. Spent like Php 200 pesos for these classic chic candles. 🙂

I had this in mind a day before the event. These are personalized letter of Frankie to her Godparents. Since I want them to be closer to Frankie and just not mere Godparents because of gifts (what we usually are after when we were kids haha!) I want their bond with Frankie to be deeper than that! J And so we headed out to National bookstore and got the materials needed for this arty fartsy letters 🙂

Thanks to my sister for helping me out on this; spent more or less Php 200 for these 🙂

Thanks to Yanie Braga for this classic looking invitation of Frankie 🙂

The ceremony started 30 minutes than the indicated time which is 3:00 pm to give way to the late Godparents. (Thank you for being lenient on this one.) We started the ceremony at exactly 3:30 in the afternoon even though some Godparents were not able to come on time due to the heavy traffic. Started out with the seminar and the baptism rites followed.  I can’t say that Frankie has been behaved during the ceremony (how I wish she was haha) she was so talkative and her voice echoing in the whole room, she was most of the time a handful kid. And did I forget to mention in the middle of the rites, her urine just gushed out of her chubby legs and leaked on the floor. I guess she just can’t contain her excitement as well, or did we just forget to check if her nappy is full? haha 🙂

The whole ceremonial lasted for less than an hour, and we are just so happy that our litol chubby girl is now a baptized Christian. And finally, we can all say “Welcome to the Christian World Frankie!!! “ 🙂

…Nanay with her chubs 🙂
Tatay with chubs 🙂


…with some of the Ninongs and Ninangs (some are abroad) 🙂
…with Braga Family 🙂
…with Del rosario Family 🙂

BLOGGING SOON: the cont. of this event:  FRANKIE TURNS ONE 🙂


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