Francis and I have been brainstorming to where we should celebrate Frankie’s birthday way months before the event. I even did an excel report and presented it to him with regards to the party packages  that I have scouted through the internet with the pros and cons of each of the restaurant that offers a kiddie party here in Metro Manila. At first, I was researching if there was a resto. That offers a “Baby TV” theme since Frankie was so hooked to that show and Little Lola and Hippa are her favorites. Too bad there isn’t any, but I hope soon one will have.  (Yes that’s how organized and busy I have been haha!) I mean, I was a little used to this kind of thing since I love organizing events and it was part of my Job before I became a full-time mom but never did I thought that I’d be this excited and stressed in planning out our little girls first birthday party. The feeling is surreal.  We wanted the best for her but also, we wanted it to be a simple but of course, a happy and an enjoyable memory for everyone especially to Frankie.

Frankie’s invitation made by her Tita-Ninang Yanie Braga.


We headed straight to the venue right after Frankie’s baptism and while inside the car, and caught up in traffic, I decided to put on Frankie’s birthday dress there instead of doing it at the venue itself. Of course to save me some time and for the guests not to see her cute chubby body all bare naked.  Upon reaching for the dress, to my surprise, she fell asleep so soundly. So changing her inside the car (we are jam-packed! Imagine that haha) was challenging. When we got to the venue, I had to carry her out (she is a heavy weight kind of baby) not minding if my make-up is still intact or is my face filled with oil, or simple how will I look upon facing guests.   When we got to the venue, only few guest were there on time (blame it on the excruciating manila traffic).

…her cute little dainty dress that my dad bought for her, and her shoes from her tatay.  Got these at Landmark  🙂


…thanks for a great set up Brooklyn 🙂


…entertaining one of her special guest: Pipoy 🙂


The party started out a bit late, since we tried to wait for some guests to arrive. So we have been texting where they are and etc. (so reminders: leave extra early when you have events like this!!! ) While walking towards the entrance door my mind was going ballistic. Thinking about if the set up turned out good? Did my vendors for the cake, photo booth and décor arrived and did their set up on time?  And yes if the guests were all smiles. My eyes lit and smiled happily for everything I envisioned it to be was placed at their proper place. The host started it with a lively greeting to everyone and proceeded with the games, both for adults and kids.  Their smiles and giggles are a happy sight to see. Their laughter is a somewhat music to my ears, an indication that they are enjoying.

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We did not opt for the mascot since most of the kids will just wander around crying because they are afraid and some of Frankie’s guests are still babies and could not appreciate it much. Rather Frankie’s Ninangs:  Yanie Braga and Zoe Del Rosario created   a surprise AVP’s for her and to all of us.  It was played during the event. Before heading to the buffet table to fill the guests grumbling stomach, I made a cut and asked for 5 minutes of their time for the guests to be able to gather around and share their attention and closely watch the AVP. (Come one, let’s give credits to the makers of these AVP’s, they are not that easily created right? J) Oh boy I was crying my heart out upon watching those AVP’s and until now I can’t get over it! Kudos to the two ninangs, who brought out the onion skinned person that I still am. Who wouldn’t cry? Seeing your baby girl blossomed into a happy wonderful little kiddo and to all the sacrifices you both have been through for the past year… 🙂 Now I was thinking soon it will be her 7th birthday, then sweet 16th then 18th and before you know it she will be married!!! Wwaaahhhhh!!!! What am I thinking… calm down Aeycee it’s just her first birthday… whew! Time flies so fast indeed!

…with the emotional mother while watching her AVP 🙂



For everyone to know why am I so emotional and happy with the AVP’s, come see it for yourself. Just click on the link below 🙂

Frankie’s AVP by Yanie Braga 🙂

Frankie’s AVP by Zoe Del Rosario 🙂


Francis and I are so busy entertaining guests and asking how they are and some casual talks with everyone, we forgot to eat. Yes, you heard that right, thanks to our stomach bubbles that reminded us that we should eat. We had the last serving of the food, and then some guests came late haha! Just right on time so we had to add up another monster meal deal for them.  I can positively say that Frankie had fun playing and socializing with her guests. I know she is still young to understand these but seeing her smile on her party made me realized that we did a great job. I wish we just had more time to be able to socialize with everyone since some old friends were present at the event which we haven’t caught up with for years.  The blowing of the cake came and giving away the loot bags, the guests came to us one by one as they also bid their goodbye and gave us that “thanks for a wonderful party” gave me a pat on the back and an indication that it is over and we were able to pull through. And it feels so overwhelming cause all our relatives and friends were all there and became part of that very special day. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who came and became part of the most awaited day of our litol girl. We appreciate all your time and effort.

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Our vendors did a great job as well because they were able to meet all my expectations; you really made this Looney Tunes Theme Birthday party delightful one.

Frankie’s cake from I-Bake cakes and pastries 🙂 Thank you Ms. Karen for a swift transaction.


Made by: Zoe Del Rosario. Idea and logistics from yours truly 🙂

Special thanks to one of my best friends and Frankie’s Ninang Leslie Belarmino for her cake, my sister Yanie for helping me out in coordinating with the layout for Frankie’s photo booth and for doing her AVP. To Orange Del Rosario, for her heartening AVP (until now I am awed) and for her chalk board. To Chris Lopez and again Yanie Braga for doing the photo coverage from baptism to birthday event, you did a great job 🙂 For the staff and crew in Shakey’s for being so warm and with all smiles serving and accommodating our every request. To our family for the support they have been giving us in this preparation. And of course to my ever dearest partner Francis, for his undying support and sacrifices just to make this party a possible and a successful one. 🙂


Again, thank you everyone, who has shared their time in celebrating this event with us. May the good lord bless us all with happiness each day and may he fulfill all our hearts desire. Til’ our next party get together… 🙂



I will  be blogging soon about the party package in Shakeys and to all the vendors that we hired. 🙂


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