A Celebration at Acuaverde :)

So after some series of unfortunate events that had happened for the past week, I think this is a much deserved and awaited break from everything. This was planned just 2 weeks from the event day itself.

I was searching for a budget wise (of course) resort and with meals included in the package so we don’t have to worry where to eat our next meal specially that we are travelling with Frankie, we need all the help we could get and it would be a lot convenient on our part. So with no hesitation, we opted for an overnight stay at Acuaverde Beach Resort.

So why Acuaverde?


I think it’s pretty much easy to locate (specially if you ask Waze took us almost 4 hours drive from Manila) , since it is just beside the more famous resort named “Acuatico”. As what I have learned it is a sister company and co-managed as Acuatico, so it has a pretty huge property and shoreline. 

The resort is not overly populated like you see or experience in some that will make you just wanna stay in your room. They have a very welcoming staff. The moment you get out of your car, a staff will escort you to their front desk, and did I mention that their welcome drinks are an enjoyable quencher that will make you want more. That time we had a Dalandan but the downfall is you can’t ask for another glass because it will be costing you for Php 60. The resort is not overly populated like you see or experience in some that will make you just wanna stay in your room. 

Their check in time is at 2PM but we arrived 2 hours earlier than that so we stayed at the cabana while they clean our room first. πŸ™‚


Casa Marina (photo from their website) our room was cozy and has a relaxing ambiance.


I love how the architectural design of their rooms are since even though we stay outside and have some coffee/ tea we can still closely monitor our little one who just plays inside the room and watch her fave TV show from their glass window designed room.


The resort offers a “cot” for your little one but i think they have an extra charge for that. So we decided to bring Frankie’s play yard so she can feel a bit homey and can sleep safe and sound. Besides, i don’t wanna be panicky because she is doing something that she is not supposed to do and not to worry whether she will be out of the bed when we wake up in the morning. Safety purpose is a must!


Their bathroom was neatly cleaned and has a modern structure design. With everything that you will need on it: Hot/Cold shower, towels and toiletries which they will change/replenish once you request for one.

edit 16
Cocina, this is mainly their resort restaurant πŸ™‚

What’s the beauty in here is, if you order your food ( ala carte) you may request the staff to have it delivered at your room or at the beach area while you sit back and enjoy the sun.

Their buffet setting πŸ™‚ They always have fish, pork,veggies, beef and chicken as a variety. Oh and yes the dessert! πŸ™‚

Every room rate includes a full board meal which isa buffet style so it’s not bad at all.And that is one of the main reason why we chose this place. Their breakfast is served between 7am-9am. Lunch at 11am-1pm and dinner by 7pm-9pm and closes by 10pm.

How does their food taste like? If you are a food person I bet you won’t say “Yummy” or “sarap” when the food first enters your mouth but instead you’ll say “Okay lang”, “medyo matabang”. Well most of them taste blunt and lacks flavor, we even enjoyed the ala carte style of ordering ( we had their pork sisig and buffalo wings which is delish) more than the buffet food itself. If I would rate it from 1-10 then i’d have to give them a 5, so pretty safe.

Free flowing coffee!!!! πŸ™‚

Being the coffee lover that I was born to be, what i like best is their free flowing coffee or tea. Francis and I enjoyed this so much that we drank like 4-5 cups a day. Morning, afternoon and night. Every after meals and while we are inside the room we just ring the bell and an attendant comes and we request and viola! πŸ™‚

An area where your little one can play along with some other kids, too bad Frankie is still too young for this so she was not able to enjoy this privileged πŸ™‚
Sunrise at Acuaverde. This photo was captured at past 6AM πŸ™‚


One major thing that I like too in this resort is: IT’S A PET FRIENDLY resort!!!! πŸ™‚ But no we were not able to tag along Zeus ( our black labrador retriever baby boy) because we can’t look after 2 babies at the same time. We are here to relax and be stress free but when Frankie and Zeus together? CHAOS! But we promised  Zeus that he can come along when Frankie is not that handful already, so that would be 3-4 years from now. I am pretty sure that our fur baby can wait. And we will make sure it will be worth his wait πŸ™‚

Here are some guidelines if you decided to tag along your fur babies:


They also have this play area where dogs can interact with one another, I was just not able to take a picture of it ( too bad!).

And if you are gonna question me if did we have fun? Did we enjoy the place? Was it worth it? Then see for yourself on our photo’s below πŸ™‚


…an early morning swim, and yes the water is so cold! πŸ™‚
…and what do you do after a tiring swim? SIESTA time πŸ™‚


…this is one of my favorite picture of them πŸ™‚
…some “quick” parent break while Frankie is in her slumber sleep πŸ™‚
…it’s an awesome feeling when you see your kid enjoying πŸ™‚
…a mother and daughter bonding πŸ™‚ see the clear water? πŸ™‚

edit 3

…she isn’t afraid at all… one brave litol chubby girl πŸ™‚
edit7 - Copy
…clear water? you judge πŸ™‚
…and most of the time these two are in their ZZZzzzZZZ…. πŸ™‚
…our first lunch πŸ™‚ Yes they do have a high chair for your little ones.
…it’s a quiet place πŸ™‚

The resort also offers fun activities that you can try with your family/friends. I wasn’t able to capture some because my eyes are on Frankie  all the time. And we cannot try even one yet since Frankie is still too young for those. But here are the list of activities that they offer:

  • Kayak (free one time use of kayak if you book with them) 
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Jet Ski
  • Banana Boat
  • Speed Boat
  • Fly Fish
  • Pedal Boat
  • Aqua Bike
  • Buzz Bomb
  • Fun 4


Here is a short  video clip that we wanna share so you could see an almost 360 degrees of the place, and know how long and peacefully their shoreline is πŸ™‚

So that tops our fun, stress free over night stay at Acuaverde. I just hope soon they can develop a swimming pool too. Thanks for making our first family trip a memorable one! πŸ™‚





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