Kidzoona Experience :)

I have always wanted for Frankie to develop her skills in socializing with other kids and be able to learn during at play. As a mom, I am convinced that a child can learn better while she actively plays and is very vital to her growth. So I often seethed to her father of me wanting to bring her at kidzoona. He in return  says that she is still young to appreciate that kind of thing but I object otherwise. So last Sunday afternoon (April 10, 2016), together with my sister Yanie, I decided to bring Frankie at Kidzoona Robinsons Galleria Branch. 

Since it’s a weekend, it was expected that there will be a lot of kids with their guardians, though the floor area was quite big it didn’t feel too crowded. But I’d still advise you to go on a weekday if time permits so that you with your kid can enjoy the toys and place much better.

So just to give you a brief history about KIDZOONA:

It is operated Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines , a Japan based company. They actually have 70 branches of Kidzoona all over the globe and their first branch here in the Philippines is at Robinsons Galleria, which is located at the center part on the 4th floor.


So how was our experience at Kidzoona Robinsons like?

Being a first timer mom, I first checked out the area while Frankie and her Tita is exploring the arcades. Then I asked one of the staff in the reception area if my daughter would be allowed in the play area for she is just 1-year-old, for I saw the kids at the play area are quite bigger than her already, and yes they even allow babies below 1-year-old for FREE! 🙂



  • When I got to the venue, there was a massive line at the admission section and so with no hesitancy I fall in line assuming that it was the first step to do but it was not. The staff told me that I need to fill up a form first which most parents did not know off too. So, I hope they can have a sign board that indicates to fill up a form before falling in line. This saves a lot of time too. Good thing the staff was kind enough to accommodate me and did not let me line up again after I filled out the form.
This is the application form that needs to be filled out first before queuing for payment.  
This is what you will have to pay depending how long you want to stay 🙂
  • I hope that their shoe locker has keys where you can safe keep your shoes and some valuable things. Based on experience, I have a big diaper bag which will be so irritating and uncomfortable to carry around while I chase my little miss around. So I had no choice but to leave it at the top of the shoe locker/ or in the stroller. For mother’s, I’d advise you to bring a sling bag that you can just wrap it up your body and wouldn’t cause much distraction while you play with your kid.
Their shoe locker does not have locks 😦
  • I hope that they do have a staff in each station/ play area so that they see to it that the toys are kept in place because we can’t avoid some instances where kids take some toys around and misplace it. Just to be fair with other kids who wants to have that whole experience.


  • Their prices varies, depends on the branch where you plan to visit and I hope that Kidzoona offers an unlimited time for the kids to utilize their playtime well. Since most probably most people braved the traffic and came from different long journeys just for their kids to experience the happy place.

admission feearcade fee


  • They do not have a washroom within their facility. You still have to go out your way to both ends of the mall to be able to go to one. So be sure that you take your kids to the washroom first to pee so that there will be no hindrances in the middle of their play time.


Rants for some Parents/Guardians: 

  • Some adults, parents rather were lying down at the ball pit taking selfies near the slide area where the balls are all locked up which makes harder for kids to pass through. I mean, this place was designed for kids to go play around. And as the rules stipulated 12 years old and below are eligible to use the facilities and play ground. So parents, please abide by the rules.


  • Is it that 100% safe at Kidzoona? I’d say a 50-50 on this case. You can’t just sit prettily on the couch while you browse your social networks leaving your kid at play no matter how big they are (size and age for that matter) why? Since there are no staff on each station, kids will be kids you can’t sidestep when they have their tantrums or when a kid suddenly gets a toy that they’re holding and viola there goes the kid fight. Accidents do happen, so prevent it before it does. Specially at the Zorb area which is the busiest most of the time and yet no staff to remind the kids of safety precautions.

***Here is one more thing, a stranger can always come near and talk to your little one. Since Kidzoona is a big place, and they do not offer any name tags for the kids and parents, they could not monitor which kid belongs to that parent and vice versa. And when you check out they do not check if a person is carrying/holding his/her child. So it is always safe to run after and be close to your kids while you’re at the premise.


  • Some parent’s do detain some toys that their kids do not even use as of that moment. One experience was, my daughter wants to ride a push car that one mother is holding while her kid plays at the Zorb Area. Please dear parents ALL TOYS that are inside Kidzoona are not our property, hence as a courtesy that we all payed for our kids to have fun and have a great experience, we should share this to other kids when it is not being played with. Sharing is always a good trait. 🙂


What to LOVE at Kidzoona:

  • If you happen to forget to bring socks, they also offer one at the counter area which costs Php 60.00


They do have a space for your stroller to park on 🙂
  • It is a fun place where you can educate your kids well. You can role play and teach them what needs to be taught and the process on how to do it. 🙂 A place where her motor skills will be put to a test and be developed more, so as her imagination. A place where you can bond happily with your kids, and for sure they are going to give you that loving “ Thank You” hug for letting them have fun with YOU  🙂


  • They have a lounge for parents/ guardians who just wants to sit back and relax. And have comfortable couches all over the place for guardians so you can just sit and watch your kids while they play.
One of the lounges/ couches where guardians can sit and rest 🙂
  • There is a water station in every Kidzoona Branch. The disposable cups are just beside the water dispenser. You can also ask for a cup at the admission area just in case cups ran out.
  • They have arcades for big kids. So they don’t get bored while waiting for their younger siblings. (rates have been posted above).
The arcade is located outside the play ground area, just right in front of the entrance. 🙂
  • They have a friendly, smiling staffs. Yes, you can see the exhaustion on their faces but nevertheless, they always have a smile to share. 🙂
  • They have different types of toys that can help your child to enahnce more of their motor skills, imagination and solving problems. 🙂
  • They have a FREE WIFI connection. You can ask the staff for the password and they’d be glad to share it. So you can upload photos and videos of your kids. (But please refrain from checking your social media, remember this is a time for you to bond with your kid/s).


So, will be go back?

Definitely, actually after a week from Frankie’s first we did go back, this time with her Tatay 🙂 Seeing how happy our little miss has been every time she was here is priceless.

Is the experience worth every penny?

Yes, a Php 300.00 worth pesos for the 3 of us. Chasing Frankie,  learning and playing with her. Being able to feel what’s it like to be a kid again for an hour and just having a fun filled moment… it is all worth it 🙂


Here are more pictures of us (mainly Frankie) to share with you. 🙂

It is a learning experience for parents too 🙂
One of her favorite area 🙂


Her new found friend (for that time she was there hehe ) 🙂


12985343_10206342052129854_4692490317929754268_n (1)
See that smile? priceless 🙂







Some of their Branches are located below: 

Kidzooona Quezon City Galleria
Level 4 Space 4339 & 4339A Robinsons Galleria,
Ortigas Avenue, Brgy. Ugong Norte 3,
Quezon City, Philippines 1110
Contact Numbers:
Kidzooona Makati Walter Mart
5th Floor Walter Mart, A. Arnaiz Avenue,
Pasong Tamo, Makati City, Philippines 1230
Contact Numbers:
Kidzooona Masinag SM City
Upper Ground Level SM City Masinag,
Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City, Philippines 1870
Contact Numbers:
Kidzooona Rosales SM City
Ground Floor SM City Rosales,
Brgy. Carmen East, Rosales, Pangasinan
Contact Number: Landline +63-75-5221408

Kidzooona Angono SM Center
2nd Floor SM Center Angono,
Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal
Contact Number: Landline +63-2-6962332


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