It was the day before July 24, 2016 that Francis decided that he wanted to bring us, especially Frankie to Avilon Zoo in Rizal.  So the night before, I think I was more excited than them haha!

Just to give you an introduction about the Zoo, it is different from Ark Avilon Zoo that is located at Pasig but both runs with the same management. It’s a smaller version of the one located in Rizal that happens to have an indoor type of interaction (and the ONLY one in the Philippines) with the animals compared to their main branch which is Avilon.

Avilon Zoo id pretty much huge, imagine a zoo that has a 7.5 hectare and housing more than 3,000 specimen of exotic wildlife representing 500 or more species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes and invertebrates. It is currently the largest zoological institution in the Philippines in terms of collective animals.

How to get there:  (by public transport)

This one’s quite easy:

  1. Take the LRT-2 to Cubao station./MRT to Cubao Station
  2. From Aurora Blvd. or Farmers Market, ride an FX to Montalban. Tell the driver you are going to Avilon Zoo, and ask him to drop you off at Eastwood Greenview Subdivision, after the TOTAL Gas Station.
  3. From the entrance of Eastwood Greenview Subdivision, ride a tricycle to Avilon Zoo. (not sure of the fare though hehe).

 by private vehicle: (disclaimer: directions was borrowed from gretasjunkyard.com website) 🙂

Or if you have a Waze app, it helps a lot! 🙂

  1. Enter Commonwealth Avenue, then take the Tandang Sora Flyover.
  2. Keep going, then turn right on Batasan Road. Turn right again onto Batasan-San Mateo Road.
  3. Turn left onto General Luna Avenue (this road is a little long and can be traffic because of the jeepneys), and keep going until the road turns into J.P. Rizal Avenue.
  4. Turn right onto MH del Pilar Street (at the very end of J.P Rizal), then left at C. Reyes Street (after the Total Gas Station to your right).
  5. Keep going until the street turns into a narrow, dirt road. Follow the dirt road to Avilon Zoo (which will be to your right).


TIP: Refrain from going to the Zoo on a rainy Day/ Season because the dirt road can get muddy and slippery for your vehicle and might get stuck! You don’t wanna drive miles away just for it to happen right? So save yourself! 🙂

At the counter Area, the attendant will ask you if you would want to avail their Zoo tour guide for the price of Php 400 since the zoo is pretty  big. If you have the budget, then it would be worth it since you will have the chance to go around the entire place and see all the animals while she talks educational information about the animals your visiting. As for us, we decided to go by ourselves and get lost inside the zoo! haha. Kidding, actually we did not get lost since there are directions at the zoo that can be easily be followed.

We left home  (San Juan area) at around 9 in the morning and got at the zoo by 10:30am. Thank God for Mr. Sun that day ! First thing that we saw when we entered was the canteen, we just bought some drinks and began our hunt! 🙂 First attraction was the ARAPAIMAS! (Worlds largest fresh water fish) and yes they are indeed huge! . No kidding! You can feed them with chicken neck that can be availed at the nearby station of the  zoo personnel.

Here are some of the decent pictures that I took, I must say that it is a challenging task taking pictures while you have a hyperactive toddler with you 🙂

…the chubby bunny while waiting for her parents while we prep up! 🙂
…something to keep her entertained until we reach our destination 🙂
…thank God for not letting it rain 🙂


…the amazing Arapaimas 🙂


…at first we thought that it’s one of the rocks but it ain’t 🙂


…wondering what’s going on her mind at this moment haha 🙂





…one of our Family picture! thanks for the selfie pod! haha 🙂
…while we’re all exhausted… she isn’t haha 🙂


…while the chubby bunny is asleep, it’s our turn to be a kiddo like 🙂
…i just love them! 🙂 the high light of our visit… i get to touch them… 🙂


…these giraffes are 10 meters tall and will continue to grow til they reach 20 meters tall… and is about 3 years old 🙂


…sleeps so soundly and doesn’t wanna wake up 😦


I have been to Manila Zoo, and i’d say that the animals in Avilon Zoo are far more healthier. We haven’t encountered any animal that is somewhat malnourished or is sickly looking. They have a wide enough space for the animals to grow and was fed properly. The zoo was well maintained and it’s not smelly at all compared to other zoo’s. The canteen and most of all lavatories are kept clean. Another thing that I love about this zoo is that it’s a PWD friendly, because they have pathways for the wheelchair/ stroller to every uphill that you will encounter. So thumbs up to that! 🙂  While we were there, construction was still going on so you can tell that this zoo will continue to expand and flourish. Hoping to see an elephant soon 🙂

One thing that we found a bit odd was the lack of visitors. We went there on a weekend (Saturday to be exact) and i was expecting a larger crowd of visitors but the’re were only a few. It’s like we had the zoo all to ourselves. Perhaps some are hesitant since it’s quite far from the metro and the fee’s,  but I tell you it’s a place worth to visit.

So to top it all, did our chubby bunny enjoyed our family zoo experience? Honestly, she was not yet that appreciative of the animals that she have encountered. Maybe since it was not that up close and she really can’t touch it compared to dogs, bunnies etc. But we would definitely bring her back here when she can appreciate the animals better like when she turns 3 or 4 maybe. But her parents and Tita-lola did enjoy everything. We were awed and surprised that there is a specie in the world as such as what we saw. So yes, everything was worth it and thank God for this experience.  🙂

Some Tips:

  • Do wear a comfortable footwear since you’re gonna walk all day long. Uphill and downhill plus stairs.
  • Bring some insect repellent for you and MOST specially for your little one, since at some areas you can’t avoid your encounter with mosquito’s 🙂
  • If it’s summer, bring some sunblock. It is still an outdoor activity so you can’t get rid of the sun rays.
  • Bring lots of water/ fluids since you will be walking and walking, plus the heat of the sun that will make you extra thirsty.
  • You can bring packed lunch since the choices of food at their canteen are limited. Corkage fee of Php 25 per person will be collected.
  • Lunch at their canteen ranges from Php 150- Php 180 pesos excluding drinks.
  • Wear comfortable clothes! 🙂
  • Bring a camera to capture moments and don’t forget to ENJOY! 🙂


Operating Hours:

  • Monday- Friday: 8am- 5pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 8am-5pm
  • Open even on holidays.

Entrance Fees and Other Fees:

  • Php 700 For Adults (before it was 400 only)
  • Php 300 for kids below 3 feet.
  • FREE infants 12 months and below
  • Discounted rate for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities.
  • Php 50 for the feeds (Arapaima- 4 pcs Chicken Neck; Giraffe- 4 pcs carrot slices)


For other information/ queries you can visit their facebook page: Avilon Zoo FB Page




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