MAKANSUTRA- Is it worth the Singapore food experience?


Makansutra is Singapore based food market and they recently opened a branch here in Manila this September 8 2016, at the SM Megamall.  With a 500 seating capacity and an open air food court setting.  The food market comprises of 60 dishes coming from a 12 food stalls that offers food mostly from Singapore, Malacca Malaysia and Hong Kong which are cooked by hawker chefs and assisted by our own Filipino cooks.

Our experience:

Last Friday, we we’re excited to dine in and try Makansutra, since we read from “” that they offer the best comforting foods from Singapore.  Entering the premise I would say they did a great job with the interiors. Wide spaces from table to a table, uniquely designed seats, and well ventilated.  After finding a table, we decided to check out the food that they offer.  Upon checking each stalls, I got the chance to see what others have on their table and somehow it gave me an idea that, that must be good since a lot we’re having it.  So we decided to order random dishes from different stalls.  Below are what we had in our tummy and some pictures of the place.

Disclaimer: Pictures were just grabbed from google,, and rappler since I did not have much time to take pictures because of mommy duties 🙂


…isn’t it cute? 🙂


…the only picture that I was able to take 🙂
…wide spaces from table to table so bringing in a stroller/ wheelchair wold not be a problem 🙂

…a stall where drinks and desserts are offered… we had a lemongrass iced tea that costs Php 85.00.

…here is where we ordered one of their best seller: braised duck! 
…credits to the photo owner 🙂  This costs Php 180.00 with soup that’s good for 1  only.  

When I inquired the staff of what their best seller is, she told me that this was it aside from the platter that they have. Since I do love eating duck because of its delish taste I decided to order one for me and for Francis too. When they placed the thinly sliced duck on top of the rice, I was surprised on how thrifty the serving was. The food was not even hot nor warm enough, and sadly it was blunt. It lacks taste, the soup is warm but it taste dull too. We were disappointed on how it tasted and presented.  The plate was big enough and so it emphasizes on how the portion of the food was. They can have at least placed the sliced duck on the side of the rice with a garnish sauce on it so it would be better to look at.   Overall rating I’d give it a 4/10.  Would I go back for this? NO! I’d choose Wee Nam Kee’s chicken or Eat Fresh’ clay pot duck rice over this.

…where we ordered their crispy fried noodle that costs Php 250.00 which is good for 2-3 persons. 

The crispy noodle was just fine, I’d give it a 7/10. It’s the only food that we somehow enjoyed. But I’d still go for North Park’s crispy noodle in a heart beat.

…their famous bak kut teh soup is what we had 🙂
…Bak Kut Teh costs Php 300.00 with rice that’s good for 1 only. 

I was scanning from the stalls and scouting on which soup to buy then I saw this stall that has several people in line so I checked it out. When I asked the server what Bak Kut Teh is, she told me that it’s a well-known soup in Singapore and a flavorsome one though a bit spicy. It’s a pork ribs where it is being boiled for hours until tender and the secret spices that comes along with it. So with no hesitation I ordered this one for Francis since he wants some soup. When he first tasted it, he had a facial grimace and said “hindi masarap lasang ihi” ( It’s not delish at all it taste like pee)  though at the back of my mind I was asking myself did he ever tasted a pee LOL kidding aside… well anyways, so I had to taste it myself… it was a bit spicy and stays down to your throat, it kind of had a weird smell and it was an acquired taste.  The pork ribs were really tender but the soup itself isn’t what we had in mind or isn’t what we expected since before that they said that it was “flavorful” but it just wasn’t for us. I’d still go for Le Ching’s wanton soup or Dragon’s chicken noodle soup. So this one will be a 5/10.

What I liked about Makansutra:

The venue, since I mentioned above that it has a unique interiors, plus a well ventilated clean place.

It has a clean washroom inside the venue.

A PWD friendly place too since it has a wide spaces from a table to a table. So bringing one in or even a stroller isn’t gonna be a problem.

You can see your food being prepared in front of you.

Would be go back?

HHhhmmmm I don’t think so. Why? Price over the quality of food would be a negative one. Some food are overpriced and lack that WOW factor that would want you to dig in more.  The food was just substandard.  It was just disappointing that it came to my thinking that if these were the food that Singapore has to offer, I’d visit the country for their amusement parks and tourist spots alone and not be thrilled over the food.  Knowing that these food are Singapore’s best known to the locals and even tourists… Makansutra just failed giving a justification on that.  It’s not even close to the taste of Hong Kong’s street food quality.  Well, charge to experience then! 🙂 But again, I think it wouldn’t hurt you if you try, who knows you might enjoy it. Everyone has a different standard on food; your palette may want it 🙂

You may also want to visit one of their fb page, where you can read some reviews as well, link below 🙂

Makansutra, SM Megamall


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