Frankie’s 2nd Birthday :)

It was August 2016, when Frankie attended a birthday party that Francis and I learned how she loved Jollibee.  A month came before her birthday and her tatay and I decided that she will just have a simple celebration at home with both families. Later on, every time we would take out some Jollibee food, or even pass by a Jollibee branch she would shout “Jabeee”.  So, in just 2 weeks’ time before her birthday we decided to give her a Jollibee party with just families and some close friends (who have kids).

We booked online, and I was aiming for the Shangri-La mall branch so we can stroll around after the party but the dates are all fully booked. So we decided to seek a branch here in San Juan instead and tadah Joliibee Wilsons it is! (It was one of the new branches around the area) 🙂

I was thinking that time what would my chubby bunny wear? It’s her day!!!! I don’t want her to wear a fancy dress and not be comfortable in it since I know she would run around, lie on the floor, and chase balloons here and there. Besides, she frequently wears one.  I envisioned that I want her to wear something vibrant and is comfy but stylish at the same time, and so the scouting began. I tried to look online but I was not really sure of the size since Frankie is quite big for her age. So 2 days before her birthday, her Tatay and I went to SM Aura to look for a cute top. Happily, I found one. And it was love at first sight! Haha! Though too bad it wasn’t sale! L haha! Being the thrifty Nanay that I am, I gave in basta para sa anak okay lang! ( all the best for my daughter) J  I am pretty sure she will look dapper in this top! Though it wonders me that she was on size 8! Size 8!!!! Last month she was on size 6!

bought this at Peppermint SM Aura 🙂
…this is how it looks like on her 🙂


Her big day has come; she woke up cheerfully with no tantrums! Wuhoo! She did not take her afternoon nap, maybe she too was thrilled. Dressing her while she was singing and dancing, I somehow reminisce how I dress her up 2 years ago… and again and again I realized how time really hovers, and the later you know it she will be dressing up on her own (teary eyed)!  We left home at 3:45 PM since the party will be starting at 4:30 PM.

When we got to the parking lot and she saw that we are at Jollibee she just won’t stop saying “Yey” with all the excitement in her eyes. She was just so happy.  One by one families and friends came.  Since we were just roughly around 34, almost everyone participated with the games. Everyone shared a good laugh and had a delightful afternoon.  Our chubby bunny was energetic that she chases every balloon she sees, she interacts with everyone.

Time came that Jollibee mascot would perform, Frankie was eating her favorite spaghetti but I pulled her out of her high chair since I know what she would do when her eyes sighted Jollibee.  And I wasn’t wrong, because from the moment she saw Jollibee she ran to him and hugged him even gave him a kiss. She does not even want to leave Jollibee’s side. She was all smiles and giggling and everybody witnessed how joyful she was that moment.  And we knew we made the right choice. 🙂

…kissing Jollibee! 🙂


…aaawwww! 🙂
…she loves being beside him 🙂


Below are some of the pictures I want to share with you… 🙂 Later on, I will be blogging a review about the party package Jollibee has to offer, but for now without further a do here are the memories that day… 🙂


…thanks for coming Rika! 🙂


…the nanay playing with the chubby bunny! 🙂



…thanks for coming Pipoy! 🙂
…wold you look at that happy face of hers! 🙂
…my family! Thank you colby, mama, yanie and daddy! 🙂
…Frankie’s tito’s and tita’s! thanks for being so “game” 🙂
…her biggest gift from her tita-ninnag yanie 🙂
…thank you mamita! 🙂



Here is Frankie’s message to all:

Thank you every one for making me happy and making this day memorable! Thanks po for the wonderful gifts and most specially for the genuine love and care 🙂

In behalf of Francis, I, would like to thank everyone who shared this special day of Frankie wih us. We appreciate your heartfelt presence. And mostly, thank you for genuinely loving and for caring for Frankie. For always appreciating her. She is just so blessed to have you guys! May the good Lord bless us all 🙂


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