Christmas 2016 :)

Every Christmas season, we spend our eve in San Juan together with the Del Rosario Family and on Christmas day with my Family. This Christmas season, my mom intended that we celebrate Christmas day in Tagaytay. We have been planning about this for quite some time now on where to go and where to stay. Formerly, the plan was to drop by at Padre Pio Church first before heading to Tagaytay since she really wanted to visit Padre Pio (and I do too) but due to the forecast of heavy traffic and number of people who will be on Tagaytay on Christmas Day it won’t be achievable since we might end up being on the road for almost a day just for travelling.  So instead of Padre Pio, we will be bringing her to Caleruega church since she hasn’t been there.

We left as early as 5am and reached Tagaytay before 8am. Our travel was swift; Frankie was asleep during the travel so I get to doze off as well since I was not able to sleep the night before due to the packing of things for the trip.  We decided to eat breakfast at one of my favorite place to visit when in Tagaytay, where else? Bag of beans of course!  Why did it become my favorite? Because of the memories I had here, their ambiance (garden setting), the warm and cozy feeling that they give me (which what I like) though downside of it their menu are a bit pricey but the quantity and quality of serving will make it all worthwhile. Plus, you don’t get to visit Tagaytay often right? 🙂


…time to doze off! wuhoo!
…hungry tummy!!!! 
…sumptuous!!!! My fave Daing na Bangus and his Toccino. Oh yes plus fruit pie and barako coffee yum! 🙂

After our sumptuous breakfast we checked out the place. There were some changes from the last time I was here. Frankie enjoyed the place, she was running around and since it was still early we almost had the place to ourselves. Took pictures, and off we go again.


…whole gang! 🙂
…so hard to take a decent pic with a toddler #ParentProblem
…with her tita-Lola Neneng who loves her to bits 🙂
…with the siblings!


Frankie is super lucky to have lola’s like you both! 🙂
…selfie with Papa P! haha
…with yaya and her 2 kids 🙂

When we reached Caleruega, we were astounded by the amount of people. Parking spaces have run out good thing we were able to find a spot straightaway. I love this church, the first time Francis brought me here was year 2013; it was a surprise visit though. Nothing really has changed with the Church, it still gave me that solemnity experience, plus again a great view of tagaytay. I love how the cool wind touches my skin; how I wish we have the same weather in Manila and yes same fresh breathable air! 🙂



After Caleruega, we headed to Robinsons Supermarket to do minor groceries for our stay at Camp Fourbees. It is owned by one of my mom’s close friend Tita Bernadette Camarillo.  Not the first time I have been here but it was quite a while since I was. It’s near Skyranch, Mahogany market, Café’s and Robinsons supermarket.  The residence is awesome. It has 2 swimming pools ( 1 kiddie pool which can be converted to a Jacuzzi too and one for adults). It has 3 cottages/ rooms where a family of 3-4 can stay in a room. Some amenities of the place were a videoke machine, billiard table, basketball court and did I mention a swing which Frankie and I enjoyed so much! The place is huge that it can accommodate 16-25 persons which is superb for family gatherings and team buildings.  There are allotted parking spaces, free use of kitchen utensils and beddings too so you don’t have to bring one.

Ooppps! Before I forget please do not bring the most important thing when you plan to book here: a water heater! You will need it 🙂

If you do plan to rent their place, you may do so by clicking the link provided below as it will direct you to their Airbnb page. All details are there too! 🙂


We decided to eat our lunch first and relax a bit before we head out to sky ranch and have dinner there. So here are the activities we did for that day:

…fave thing to do! 🙂




It upsets me that we were not able to go visit sky ranch due to the heavy traffic, number of people and long lines for parking space.  I was thrilled for Frankie and for us as well, I assumed that we were able to go experience some rides with her but we’d rather not push through. I don’t like the inkling of people bumping into Frankie and that she might get injured since we cannot carry an 18 kilos toddler all night long and since it’s too jam-packed she might catch some bacteria that can cultivate into flu later on. Protective nanay? Spot on! J So we ate out at a local resto nearby instead ( forgot where hehe ) and headed home. Next time Sky ranch! 🙂

…sorry pic blurred but this is the only pic we had together that night haha 🙂


After dinner, we hit the karaoke!!! As I look and ran after Frankie my sister, together with Francis had a mini concert actually haha! Good thing we had the place to ourselves and no near neighbors too.  Just pure bonding and later on slept since we were tired and all and had to wake up early for tomorrows activity. Roughly around 5am, it was raining cats and dogs; like there was no tomorrow and it was freezing! We were supposed to do some barbecue and grill some food but due to the weather, it was scrapped off the plan. We had shrimp sinigang and fried pork ( not bad huh?!) We decided to have an early lunch and when the storm calmed a little we quickly packed our bags and headed to Nuvali. Frankie enjoyed watching the koi fishes; basically we just explored the place since it was our first time.



…before heading back home 🙂

Roughly around 5am, it was raining cats and dogs; like there was no tomorrow and it was freezing! We were supposed to do some barbecue and grill some food but due to the weather, it was scrapped off the plan. We had shrimp sinigang and fried pork ( not bad huh?!) We decided to have an early lunch and when the storm calmed a little we quickly packed our bags and headed to Nuvali. Frankie enjoyed watching the koi fishes; basically we just explored the place since it was our first time.


Travelling back in Manila was swift too, no traffic that it took us almost more than just an hour. Thank God we arrived safely.

Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year when I was a kid and while growing up; mainly because I know that I had been a good girl and Santa would grant me my wish. It was all about gift giving for me before, but all that changed when I grew up and when I had my own family. There is really something magical when you spend the Christmas season with your Family and loved ones. It gives you a genuine happiness inside that you can’t explain. You just know that your heart is happy.  That’s why; it will always be my favorite time of the year! Now, I am excited to plan for this year’s trip… 🙂  May the good Lord, guide us and bless us for always 🙂



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