Joey’s Burgers and Sausages :)

Francis was about to go home from work on a weekday, and it’s almost 11 in the evening, he asked me if I was hungry because he was. With no hesitation I said YES! Even though i have just surrender myself into a delish dinner at my parent’s house haha! So he asked for a new place to check out since we often eat at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast and we both wanted a new taste to our palette. So the question was “Where to eat in the wee hours of the night?” and so, I asked my sister, who happens to be a foodie junkie as well, and so she suggested Joey’s Burgers and Sausages in Bumatay, Mandaluyong City. She said that their burgers are really worth it specially their onion rings.

Thanks to waze app that we didn’t had a hard time searching for the place. When we got there, a couple was eating and the place isn’t well lit; well it must be because they are about to close but thank you to the kind crews that still accommodated us.

It was a self-service style, so please do not expect the servers to go to your table and say “may I take your order?” you have to pay as you order and get your own utensils and condiments, but it was so easy since everything is arranged at the side of the cashier and need not ask for them.

Francis and I opted for their best seller burger “Joey’s Special” it comes with fries and you just have to add 15 pesos for a soft drink and 25 pesos for their premium iced tea.  We also ordered their onion rings since my sister suggested that too.


…the actual picture of Joey’s special burger 🙂

At first bite with a little chew, you’ll get to say “pwede ah” (not bad), I mean for the price of just Php 135 for a burger?! It’s juicy, delish patty, subtle saltiness of melted cheese and the bacon; it was hefty unlike other expensive burgers that are very thrifty when it comes to the bacon part and oh, not shapeless over cooked fries.  You got to love their onion rings was, was worth every bucks! It’s a must try.

This bacon wrapped hotdog sandwich is my favorite thing to order when we eat here, why? The bacon is tenderly cooked and it is substantial. It wraps almost all of the sausage; speaking of the sausage, man it is worthy! Not the ordinary sausage that you get to taste every day. With this, it’s juicy in every bite, well-balanced salty taste with the bacon. For just a Php 100 and you get to taste a reasonable yummy sandwich. No need to go to some fancy expensive burger/ sandwich joints.

They do not serve burgers and sandwiches alone but they do have some pasta’s and rice meals as well… those we still have to try.



Here are some of their menu: (disclaimer: photo’s has been taken from their facebook page since all of my personal pictures was corrupted )





  • For an affordable price of food, the quality is never compromised with their burgers and sandwiches.
  • The place is very clean, well ventilated too.
  • 13537568_1561834547453723_255023947979871267_n
  • They do have a TV that can be a source of entertainment for those who are still waiting for their orders to be served.
  • The place has NO WIFI, so you can just sit back enjoy the meal and have a conversation with the person you are with.
  • They offer clean gloves, for your use when you eat. Which other fancy resto’s don’t.
  • Quick service, you don’t have to wait long minutes for your food to be served at your table.
  • Their walls had quotation frames that will have you go reading them one by one.
  • CCTV camera’s around the place.
  • They do deliver now,sad thing is it’s only in Mandaluyong. Not sure too if they have a minimum amount for delivery.
  • 14681580_1599645743672603_2278863467586628475_n


  • The place is quite small. ( but they do have another branch in Namayam, though still in mandaluyong )
  • I do hope that their crews would smile more.
  • Hope that they can extend their opening hours until 1am.
  • The place is not that easy to find. But on the other hand, there are tricycle drivers that can take you there once you’re in the corner of Bumatay Street.

Their pasta’s and rice meal we still have to try, but thumbs up to this gem! After a tiring work, or just a long day and you’re starving and wants a good quality meal that won’t snatch every penny in your wallet then go to Joey’s. A worthy visit I must say… 🙂

Below is there details and facebook page in case you might be wondering what other people has to say to their food too 🙂 Happy eating soon!


Joey’s Burgers & Sausages, Calzada, Taguig
Joey’s Burgers & Sausages, Tuktukan, Taguig
Joey’s Burgers & Sausages, Sgt.Bumatay, Mandaluyong
Joey’s Burgers & Sausages, Lakefront, Sucat, Muntinlupa ( soon to open )

Bumatay address:

No.51-C Sgt. Bumatay St., Brgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong 1550

Facebook page:



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