Appreciation, that’s all we need…

Just some months after we became a couple, I recall a time where I asked Francis to answer a quick survey about Love Language. I sought to know what his love languages are for me to be able to fill his tank of love. When I knew that his love languages are, I knew then what I needed to do. His was “Acts of Service” and “Quality Time”.

Francis is not the so called “hopeless romantic” type. He was not more with words but with actions. The contrary, I was both. I see to it that I regularly remind him how I value and appreciate him.  I habitually write him letters or poems and even associate these with material gifts.

The catch is, that was before. When I was still working and producing my own money. But now that I am a stay at home mom, of course I couldn’t afford to buy him stuff which I know he will be joyfully jumping receiving them… I have no income (though I wish I had haha!) So how do I uphold in reminding and showing him my love and appreciation?

I see to it that his clothes are well organized and kept clean.

I see to it that when he goes home to a clean and all tidy up home.

I take good care of our expenses, and think of ways on how we can save more.

I always see to it that he is healthy, in all aspect (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

I see to it that meals are cooked and served when he gets home.

On the sweeter side, these are some of the things that I did for him… 🙂 I hope these can somehow give you ideas on how you can express your love and gratitude towards your partner without spending a penny…

  1. Write him a POEM

It doesn’t necessarily need to be long, even a short meaningful one will do. Sharing with you the first and recent poem I made for him out of the blue 🙂


  1. Write him letter’s

I know not all of us are that vocally expressive when it comes to our emotions. But in writing you can be your true self, no pretentions. Just write everything down, how you feel; let him know it all. In my case, I do write to him daily since 2017, hope I can do this for the rest of the years 🙂

…my daily thank you letter for him 🙂
  1. Make a signature campaign

Yes, you read that right! A signature campaign. I did this on one of his birthday. How? On a blank sheet of paper I wrote down the reason why I love him and a promise that I made. I passed this on to my co-workers, employees and even strangers at a grocery store. I can’t believe that I did that, haha must be real love! I think I got 200+ signatures on it. For him, this was by far the sweetest thing ever 🙂


I made him this voucher too, that are all vouchers on acts of love like a voucher for free massage, free cuddle, requested meal and such 🙂

  1. Write down some reasons why you like/love him. Or things you like best in him.

This way he would know that you do appreciate that certain thing he does. Or what he unknowingly does that makes you happy or kilig.  Here is mine and it was way before…


  1. Write random things/ do random things.

Sometimes, I write him random things that would surprise him or deep down I know that will make him smile and twirl. You can even do the simplest of things like write a note  stick it on a sachet of his favorite tea or coffee and insert it in his bag.  These are some of the things that I did. 🙂

…OTWOL fan! haha


See, not everything has to be bought. Sometimes the simplest of things are the ones valued the most because it came from your sincere loving heart.  So what are you waiting for? Go grab that pen and write your significant half a note of love and appreciation.

Love does not need to be expensive; it only needs to be shown! Advance happy hearts day to all! 🙂 Keep the love alive! 

P.S If you do want to take the test to know your love language just click the link below 🙂

5 Love Languages


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