the kind of love YOU deserve…

I believe everyone will go through or at least experience a non-worthy guy who treated them like crap in a relationship. Did you? Because I did…

I had been beat up emotionally a lot of times. Been lied to, cheated on, denied, used; name it! The moment that I was losing myself, trailing down the values and principles I believed in, that’s where I stood up and realized that is not the kind of love that I deserve.

I have friends, and know a lot who is still single by their 30’s, and when asked why? Because they haven’t found the one who will be giving them the kind of love that they yearned for.

So what kind of love does really one deserve? How will you know if the man is worthy of it?

I know sometimes it’s much easier to just settle and forget the kind of love you deserve because of so many frustrations, the feeling of being frightened that no one might ever love you the way you envisioned and hoped it to be, or no man will ever come to your life again so why let this (present guy) pass right? You wishing and hoping that he will have a change of mind and heart and chose you over his present. Or settle because he is well-loved by your family and friends; might be because of his looks and wittiness? Believed in the saying that all guys out there are created the same… and NO! It shouldn’t be that way.

I had been in these situations, the ones I have mentioned above and let me tell you if you are experiencing one of those too, cut the crap and move on! You are just deteriorating yourself, and investing erroneously with your emotions to the wrong person. So let me share with you a glimpse of what you deserve…

YOU deserve the kind of love that is unselfish, trusting, respecting and pride less. Yes pride less, because I believe pride wouldn’t bring you anywhere good in a relationship. Someone who will be willing to give his last bite of a burger just because he knows it’s your favorite too. Someone who lets you win the game just so he loves you. Someone who is not afraid when you stain his bed when you are on your period. Someone who tells you how beautiful and sexy you are when you’re on your sweatpants. Someone who stares at you when you’re asleep as he smiles and thank the man above for you. Someone who hugs you when you’re yelling at him and hugs you tighter when you want to let go.

Someone who laughs at you and tells how silly you look when he caught you crying over a movie but still hugs you after to make you feel better. You deserve someone who appreciates you for all that you are, and not compare you to someone else. Someone who is not afraid to keep the lights on so that he can admire the whole of you at your purest state. Someone who you can be silly with and still thinks you’re awesome. Someone who is willing to grab your hand and dance with you even in public.

Someone who wants you and only you, and makes you feel that you are a priority not just a spare tire. Someone who wants to spend their drunken Friday nights with you, but also their coffee and movie marathon weekends with you. Someone who will always be proud on anything you have accomplish may it be big or small, who is not afraid to show you to the world.

YOU deserve to experience the magic, the fireworks, the “twirly” mode and clear skies with him. Someone who’s heart also aches more when yours does. You deserve the kind of love that does not leave you no matter what the cost. You deserve someone’s first choice, the ONLY choice.  YOU deserve to be loved extraordinarily.

Sounds too good to be true right? At the back of your mind, It will make you say that indeed it is impossible to find a man like that now a days. But I tell you, anything is possible… Finding one is possible; because I did find one…

So while waiting for the deserving man, prepare yourself too. It takes two to tango in a relationship right? So be that woman who will give him that once in a lifetime kind of love.  🙂



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