WHY Jollibee?

Jollibee has always been and I believe that it will always be at the top choices of parents in hosting their kids’ birthday party. Why?

It’s very economical

Kids and yes even adults love their food (their spaghetti always wins a child’s heart)

Hessel free (since they have an online booking)

Wide array for branch choices

Identifiable fun themes to choose from

Customizable food package

***This post will walk you through on booking/ organizing your kids’ party.

Don’t you think that sometimes it is a hassle booking a party because you have to go to the venue itself plus the traffic and all and why not book via online or phone instead? Well good news because you can now book at Jollibee while sitting at your comfort zone: book ONLINE!

Here is a guide on how to book your kid’s party ONLINE 🙂


SELECT A STORE:  When you sleect the municipality of your choice, the stores will be shown at a drop down box below it, then select the date and time you prefer.


SELECT YOUR PARTY THEME: THese are the available themes for 2017 parties. ( We chose Jollitown)






You can also do some add ons on top of your chosen package meal.


SELECT YOUR CAKE: Choco or Mocha plus the size of the cake, then indicate all the info’s being asked.


On the left side of your screen, you can view all the add ons, and your total bill for the whole party so you won’t be surprised 🙂


One downside is, booking online will require you to have a credit card, but if you know someone who can lend you their’s why not ask if you can borrow their card and just hand them the payment (if this will save more time for oyu) Just give it a try 🙂



After your online booking you will then recieve a confirmation email and they will ask you to at visit your chosen store at least 2 weeks before the party. On our case, we did not. We visisted the store a week before Frankie’s birthday just to sign the contract and to review all the details that was indicated on the online booking.

Let me share with you some pictures that has transpired duting the event 🙂



…that HUG 🙂
…she don’t want to leave his side 🙂
…that KISS 🙂
Jollibee’s gift handed personally 🙂


…some of the prices 🙂
…what’s in the lootbag 🙂
…Jollibee’s gift: a coin collector 🙂
…how the invitation looks like 🙂



  • Great personal themes to choose from. And they do have a specific theme for baptism as well.
  • The function room (Wilsons) is quite spacious and can accommodate until 100 pax.
  • The place is newly built; so it was not a summer season inside the function room.
  • The decoration of the function room was awesome, balloons everywhere (hindi tinipid!), They let us bring home most of the balloons even the cake arc balloon except for the pillars. The lighting was good too.
  • The production floor was wide, so guests had a great time with their games.
  • The hosts were lively throughout the program.
  • The Jollibee Mascot was clean and did not have an awful smell (unlike some branches!)
  • The mascot stayed quite long, and the guests had the chance to take pictures with him and he even interacted hilariously with all the guests. (kudos to that!)
  • They are very considerate to let us wait for some guests to arrive and started the party 30 minutes late, and did not charge us for extending maybe because no one scheduled a party after us. (That’s a giveaway mommies 🙂 )
  • Jollibee has a prepared gift for the celebrant 🙂
  • New set/ type of exciting games for everyone. (except the bring me part hehe)
  • They gave me a big plastic bag for the gifts and assisted me as well.
  • You’d love their courteous and all smiles staff.


  • Although the hosts were lively, they lack coordination, and needs to further more improve especially on their time management. There were lapses which I had to give them a go signal to start or advise them on how to go about things.
  • The food that they served that time was cold, and the drinks were close to being warm and had less taste (because of the melted ice).
  • The guests were waiting for the ice cream to be served, and when they did it was melted. Because it was placed on the side table for quite long enough and the service crews did not bother serving them ahead of time. I still had to advise them to serve the desert.
  • It took them almost an hour to give back our change, and we kept on following it up with them.

But overall, it was such a fun and great experience. Specially seeing that my daughter had a lot of fun and enjoyed her party, it was evidenced by the hugs and kisses she gave Jollibee . Would we still choose Jollibee as an event venue for future party? Definitely! So THANK YOU JOLLIBEE! 🙂

a BIG thanks to everyone for making her happy! 🙂

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