A 72 hours of labor… (My birthing Story)

January 13, 2015

I was feeling different that day. I woke up with a more painful lower back and catching my breath more… nonetheless, I still continued my daily routine. 5pm came and it was one of my regular pre-natal checkups. I headed to my OB’s clinic here in San Juan too; I was accompanied by Hazel. We just walked to the Clinic since it was a rush hour and traffic was massive. While walking I felt the pain was somehow getting worse, but I keep my calm as always and thinking it was just normal since it was my due month. At the back of my head, I thought I might be experiencing contractions already since it’s more frequent this time.

When we got to the Clinic luckily Francis was able to follow just right on time before my turn, since he sees to it that he accompanies me with every checkup I have when he can. Upon seeing me, my OB asked me “naninigas yung tiyan mo ano?” and with no hesitation i said yes doc! (With a smiling face). When I was IE’d, she told me ” It’s time, 3cm ka na naglalabor ka na”.  Francis’ reaction was remarkable, he was the one who seemed worried and in pain haha. I was just calm when i said “ah okay po doc, kaya pala medyo masakit na sya…”.  So she advised us to go directly to my birthing hospital (which was Trinity Child and Woman Hospital) right away and she would meet us there after her rounds of checkup. But of course I re-battled and asked her if we can go there tomorrow morning instead since I still want to walk at the mall and can still bear the pain. She then she agreed, in one condition. That if I can no longer take the pain, and then we have no choice but to go that day. And we were off the road. We went to Robinson’s Magnolia and Francis treated me at one of my favorite resto at Contis as this would be my last meal before I give birth. When I was happily eating my meal, I heard Francis said “Sh*t manganganak ka na lalabas na si baby!!!” I don’t know if he was that excited or anxious haha or might be mixed emotions. As we were strolling at the mall I felt the pain slowly getting worse, still it’s tolerable for me, there are spots of blood even coming out. When we reached home, I prepared my to-go-bag, double checked if everything is in place and lastly, I took a shower. I could not sleep that night because the pain was somehow frequent this time and with longer duration, and so I prayed and talked to my little one to let me sleep and recharge so I can gather and recuperate all the energy I will be needing if she comes out by tomorrow. And so she did.

...when i was on my 9th month... thanked God for no stretch marks! :)
…when i was on my 9th month… thanked God for no stretch marks! 🙂

January 14, 2015

Woke up at around 7am because my little one has stronger kicks and moves recurrently so does the pain of my contractions. I kept calm and even browsed my social media sites before I head to the bathroom for a quick shower. I did not eat, nor drank some water since it was advised my OB not to do so. Francis was always asking me if I am okay, I would answer him smilingly with a yes and deep breaths after because my lower body was aching.

When we got to the hospital, I was directed to go to the Emergency Room. My vital signs were taken, contractions monitored. Completed some papers for my confinement. Then my OB came and did an IE and said “Direcho ka na sa Labor room you’re 4cm already” and I said to myself that this is it!!!! J

At the labor room, I was the only patient and have no one to talk to but the nurses and myself, well technically myself alone since nurses has to do something else. I was always calm, never hysterical or anything. I was talking to Frankie and telling her that she was excited to come out since theoretically she would still be out in this world by January 28, 2015. Vital signs taken again and this time with FHT (Fetal Heart Monitor), Intravenous fluid was sited to my right hand and the most favorite part of mine? ENEMA!!!! (this is me being sarcastic of course) imagine 3 cans/ cycle of soap suds that will be administered via catheter on your anus opening (now that is a no-no) haha but of course I have to go through that until my Gastrointestinal organs are clean. After hours and hours of waiting, still my cervix has not dilated and persisted at 4-5cm. This was the period that my OB decided to incorporate Oxytocin at my IV fluids and hence start the induced labor. This was the time that the pain was somehow intolerable, it starts from my lower back and radiates to the front belly. This went on until 11 in the evening that day. My OB ordered to bring me to our room to let me rest since I was on labor the whole day and just resume everything by 10AM the next day.

January 15, 2015

…everything was routinely done like yesterday, Vital signs, FHT, Enema, monitoring of contractions but this time more of the IE (Nurses, Resident doctor, and so on) I hope they do know how painful and uncomfortable it is for pregnant woman to be examined this way. After hours and hours, still my cervix widened only up to 6cm and stayed there. It was throbbing, since my bag of water is still intact and all that was coming out of me was blood. This time, I have a buddy, another Mother who is fighting to keep her baby inside her womb as long as she can. And another one at 7cm, boy she was shouting cause of pain. Upon seeing that, I now believe that it was not just on movies alone but it really does happen in real life. The pain of my contractions was more awful this time. Thanks for breathing exercises it helped me through. I stayed the whole day at the labor room but Francis was checking up on me from time to time. How I wish he can be by my side and hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be fine. But it’s all up to me and Frankie. Before my OB left this day, she told me that if by tomorrow my cervix won’t dilate she has no choice but to perform a C—section on me (which I don’t prefer at all). So every contraction I have, I bear down and push though it was excruciatingly painful, I have to do it.

January 16, 2015

At 4am, I felt like something was coming out of me, I don’t know if that’s my urine or what. So I called one of the nurses to check on me and she said my bag of water ruptured already. And I was hoping it will be a good sign that my cervix will somehow widen.

After an hour, my OB was early to visit me and checked up on me. She said “hindi pa rin nagdilate cervix mo eh, ayoko na i-CS ka eh” and I said the same that I don’t want it too. It’s expensive plus the recovery will take longer compared to a normal delivery. Then it was followed by her saying “…try pa natin, kaya mo yan! pero pag 10am at wala pa rin no choice ako but i-CS ka ha pumutok na kasi yung panubigan mo”.

A few drops more of Oxytocin was added to my IV fluids, hence my contractions got stronger, more frequent almost every 2-3 minutes, and the pain… seriously was severe. The kind of pain that is unknown, that felt like your bones at your pelvic and back area are breaking, and makes me want to say “Enough please!” but I have to be strong. So what I did was, I prayed again and communicated with Frankie to help me on this. So with every contraction, I would hold the side rails of the bed because the pain is too much for me to contain.

By 8AM my OB then asked if I would opt to have an Epidural Anesthesia. And I asked? “How much will it cost Doc?” while I had a facial grimace and was holding the side rail bars. She said that it’s going to be an additional 15 thousand, so what I did? I said No need in a smiling manner, and closed my eyes. Believe me, my whole body joined forces and was like kicking my mouth wide open to say yes I want one at that very moment for the pain to be reduced somehow but I thought do we have enough budget for an Epidural? And besides, I wanted to experience everything normally. So never mind I can do this with God’s help, being a positive person that I am.

One of the anesthesiologist sat down in front of me and said “bilib ako sa nanay na to, ang bait mag labor ni hindi man lang ngumingiwi ang mukha yung iba kung maka sigaw!” and my OB said “ay oo mabait talaga yan tahimik lang, kung ganyan ba naman mag labor lahat ng nanay edi masaya ang buhay” and I just smiled at them, thanks for the compliments dear doctors J

And so my labor continued excruciatingly, I push every contraction I had and so by 9:45AM, I was on 7CM and my OB said “Ayan na pwede na manganganak ka na” and I was transferred to the Delivery room. Was I relieved? Of course because finally my pain will somehow end and I can see Frankie. But heck I was nervous down to my nerves… but I prayed and prayed to God to help me through. As I lay on the DR table, my legs were up the stirrups and I as hold the stainless handle and looked at the lights above me… this is it… I can’t believe I am at this state now but it’s really happening… I am giving birth… and a Mother in about some minutes. Heard my Doctor say “Aeycee if you feel the contraction PUSH okay?” and so there goes the contraction and I pushed!!!!! But it was not enough… but hell it was painful. I felt like uttering to my OB to just perform a CS, since I was too weak to push (no water and food for 3 days) but hey I can do this… so there came another contraction so I inhaled all the air that can fill my lungs and pushed!!!!!!!!! I was pushing for 20 seconds straight and literally I was running out of air, felt like drowning… until I felt something was expelled out and heard a baby cried. I looked at her and then I passed out. It was 10:16 AM, and a little chubby cheeked baby weighing 6.6lbs was born.  The next thing I know is I woke up a bit from sedation and saying “ouch” because I can feel the pain while my OB stitched my episiotomy. The next thing was, I was on the stretcher and being transferred to my room. Saw Francis and he helped the ward man to transfer me on my bed. He kissed me on my forehead while I was in this stage of lethargy. Next thing I woke up to was the sound of my Family’s voice, my sister, my mom, my Yaya Ida. My Dad visited on the night before but unfortunately I was inside the labor room. I heard my Mom saying on how pale and tired I look. And what I have been through is not a joke. Of course it wasn’t, laboring for 3 days with no food or water intake??? Come on! Give me some credits!!! J And of course giving birth is not a joke at all. As the saying goes, cliché as it may sound but it’s true when they say that “kapag nanganganak ang babae isang paa nakabaon na sa hukay…”. When I woke up, the first thing I did was to look and feel my tummy. I placed my right hand on it to feel if it’s true that Frankie was already out or was everything I went through just a dream. Afterwards, Francis handed me his phone and there was the first photo of Frankie… and yeah she looked like her Tatay like 90%. Frankie was then brought to the room, and for the first time I held her. I was just smiling at her for I can’t explain what kind emotion I was feeling at that very moment and yes every ounce of pain and what we went through together was all worth it. I am now a mother!!! 🙂

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful God given OB Dra. Carandang for making it all possible for me not to have a C- Section! 🙂 And to all the soon to be Mother’s out there, may you all have a safe delivery, and always remember it is indeed true that every sacrifice will be worth it! 🙂

Trinity Woman and Child Hospital

...her ever 1st photo taken by her Tatay at the Nursery room. Meet Frances Adrienne B. Del Rosario
…her ever 1st photo taken by her Tatay at the Nursery room. Meet Frances Adrienne B. Del Rosario
...our little bundle of joy :)
…our little bundle of joy 🙂
…my first ever photo with Frankie (forgive my haggard looking…I just gave birth I am excused haha)
...My Mom's first picture with her first apo...
…My Mom’s first picture with her first apo…
...this moment was priceless, see the smiles on their faces? :) (my sister Yanie with Francis)
…this moment was priceless, see the smiles on their faces? 🙂 (my sister Yanie with Francis)

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