About Me :)

…Hi! 🙂

I am Aeycee.

My whole name is Agatha Cristel Peren Braga. My mom got the idea of naming me “Agatha” because i was born on the feast day of St. Agatha ( February 5, 1986) and derived from the author of her favorite book too. I am now 29 years old (still feeling young or should i say young at heart hehe) 🙂

Yours truly! 🙂

I am the eldest of 3 (1 brother and 1 sister). I grew up in Hongkong (Wanchai and Kennedy Town) and went back in Manila (Mandaluyong City) when i turned 12 years old. Studied in Don Bosco School Manila (yes its an all-girl school) for high school, and Concordia College where i took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 🙂

This is the most recent picture i have with my sibs... My gorgeous Mom (4th something), Brohter Colby (16) and sister Yanie (21) :)
This is the most recent picture i have with my sibs… My gorgeous Mom (4_th something), Brohter Colby (16) and sister Yanie (21) 🙂

I am a Nurse and i am proud to be! 🙂 And did I mention, I worked as a Human Resource Assistant/ Corporate Nurse at Microsourcing BGC. Yes, double duties and I love what I do. I have always loved working at a corporate setting and being able to still practice my Nursing skills somehow. (Thank God for this Opportunity) 🙂

with my former office mates who turned out to be my closes friends now. Left to right: Leslie, Paul, Ms. Tina, Phil, Yours Truly and Donna

The high light of my life? Was when i became a “Mother” to our little girl Frankie. 🙂 She is the best thing that ever happened to us! Oh before i forget, I am also a partner to the most hunkable chef in town: FRANCIS! (Wuhoo!) haha 🙂 I love them from the moon and back. They are the reason why I am so inspired to live life right now. 🙂

Meet my baby girl: Frances Adrienne “Fankie”  (she was just 3 months old here )
...with the ever hunkable chef partner: Francis! :)
…with the ever hunkable chef partner: Francis! 🙂

I also love to travel and see the beauty of the world, know the locals and their culture. Most of my Travels were with Francis and it includes beaches and nature, oh yes i am a beach person. I can just lay all day along the sand and listen to the sound of the waves not minding if I will get dark skin after. I also love food!!! who doesn’t right? I have a sweet tooth! Though i was not privileged enough to be gifted with a model figure that doesn’t get fat no matter how much they eat! Lucky them! 🙂

I have my favorite chef who cooks delicious meals!!! And he makes the best ever Adobo and fried chicken in town! (My faves) and he is no one but my dear Francis! 🙂 (Wuhoo! lucky me! )

…some of our beach travel together includes: (L to R) Coron Palawan, Bantayan Island Cebu, Samal Island Davao, Bolinao Panggasinan 🙂

I love dogs! I have a Shih Tzu named Grecy (my first baby) and of course “our” first baby Zeus, a black Labrador.

…Zeus (turning 3 years old this October), and Grecy (who just turned 8 this August).

The world is beautiful and there’s so much more to see and learn about. So join me as i write about my crazy, fun-filled personal experience in life.

So let us all learn to live life to the fullest and of course to never miss a chance to thank the MAN up there for everything 🙂

So join me in this crazy fun blogging adventure! 🙂 Cheers!



This blog was created due to my love for writing but please know that I did not have any formal training/lesson with it and I do not see myself as a writer who knows the English language perfectly.  So to all the grammar critics out there, please be kind enough.  Thank you! 🙂


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